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In the UK we’ve lost over 95% of our wildflower meadows in the last 75 years. That means there are less special places for flowers, bees and other wildlife to grow, live and thrive. At the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Trust we want to help change this, before it’s too late!

The Make More Meadows campaign has been running since April 2019.  The money raised so far is supporting eight new sites, covering a total of 52 hectares. These meadows offer ‘stepping stones’ for wildlife such as the marsh fritillary butterfly, enabling insects and plants to move across a wider area so that their species can thrive and be sustained.

Meadows support insects such as bees which are essential to pollinate some of our favourite fruits and vegetables. Not to mention how beautiful our wildflowers are and what an incredible habitat they create that buzzes with life.

We need your help conserve, protect and create new meadows in Pembrokeshire. This wonderful initiative will create a lasting legacy, benefiting communities as they watch these new habitats for pollinators flourish in the years ahead.

By donating just £5 today you could help conserve over 400 square meters of meadow in the National Park for a year.

Make a difference today and support Make More Meadows.

You can donate to the Make More Meadows appeal:

  • By text – Text MOREMEADOWS to 70085 to donate £5. This will donate £5 to the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Trust – Make More Meadows appeal, plus your standard rate message.
  • Online – You can donate to our campaign appeal page by clicking on the link below:

Help us Make More Meadows

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