Adopt a bee for just £30*, and join the hive of supporters helping to protect bee habitats across the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park.

Adopt today for yourself, or as the perfect gift for a loved one.

In your adoption kit you will receive:

  • A bee cuddly toy
  • An adoption certificate
  • UK native wildflower seed mix
  • Bee fact sheet

Click here to adopt your bee

All proceeds go to the protection of bee habitats and food sources across the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park.

Visiting Carew Castle, Oriel y Parc or Castell Henllys? You can also pick up an adoption pack from any of these sites.

*Please note, postage to the UK is included in the price. If you wish for your item to be shipped internationally, there will be an additional charge. Please call 01646 624909 to find out more.

Hear from one of the Pembrokeshire Coast National Parks Conservation Officers on why supporting bee habitats is so important …..

In the UK, we have approximately 270 different bee species but many of them have suffered widespread declines in recent decades, mostly due to the loss of wildflower-rich habitats across our countryside. Habitats such as meadows, marshy grasslands and heathery health-land provide bees’ needs in the form of nesting space, pollen and nectar. In turn the bees pollinate many of our wildflowers and underpin the production of many food crops in our farmland. Protecting and restoring suitable habitats and importantly, creating new ones, including habitat ‘pockets’ in our farms, towns and gardens is critical to securing a healthy future for our beautiful bumblebees, super solitary bees and other wonderful pollinating insects.’ 

Clare Flynn; PCNPA Conservation Officer